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Inspection & Advice

On site research and expert analysis as measuring of the coating. read more


Our service in short. Certifying, advice, inspections and other expertises. read more

Coating measurements

Eventual damage to the coating can be assessed by measuring the disruption value (electric). This results in a decision on making a repair or complete retubing.

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Based on our experience we can offer the right support to all kinds of problems which can occur in the industrial refrigeration industry.

  1. Erosion and corrosion problems

  2. Capacity problems (by pollution and leakage)

  3. Loss of cooling refrigerant (Freon, Ammonia, LNG/LPG,CO2 etc)

  1. Our strength is that we can research the problems by sending our employees on site. After reporting, a decision can be made about what solution is best to solve the problem. Repair can be both on site as in the factory.

  2. Erosion and corrosion problems occur by pollution of the condenser. High or low water velocities in the pipes, and/or air in the water-system can cause serious damage. Plastic, sea-grass, rope, sand, shells etc. are examples of pollution which can cause the damage as is stated above.

  1. Besides the practical services SIR can also offer its experience and manpower with:

  2. Inspection of refrigeration systems

  3. Advice on obtaining PED/CE certification

  4. Advice on choice of components, refrigeration installations or units

  5. Market research

  6. Production process choices

  7. We are also prepared to give a keynote presentation considering the prevention of erosion/corrosion and the implementation of ISO/PED.

Service of SIR

Condensor pollution

A well known phenomena is damage of seawater-cooled condensers by seagrass. By the constant movement of the seagrass located on the dam between the two tubes, the tube and tubeplate can be destroyed. This will lead to leakage of the condenser or the cooler.

Erosion & Pollution

Seagrass and oxidation can cause serious damage to your installations. read more

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Chemical pollution

The green color indicates the oxidation of copper from the Copper-Nickel tube-material (CuNi 90/10 or CuNi70/30). Dead mollusks (Mussels etc.) are the cause of this effect, as when they die, nitric acid arises and react with the base materials. 

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Gasket leakage

Loss of Freon or Ammoniac is not acceptable and must be prohibited. Leakage can occur by the previously stated arguments, but also because of the gaskets. It is often the case that these gaskets are hard to reach when they need to be exchanged. SIR employees are used to do repair and maintenance in narrow spaces en will always offer a suitable solution to the customer.

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Chemical damage, pollution & high velocities

With a combination of seagrass pollution, high or low water velocities and chemical pollution by rotting mollusks or by sea- or polluted water acting on the tubeplates and the tubes because of a poor, or not at all build up protective film on the base material.

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Based on our experience, we are able to offer you the right support on a diverse range of problems that can occur with industrial coolers.
  1. We are prepared to give a presentation on how to prevent erosion and corrosion by implementing ISO/PED.